Leon Bridges – Why Don’t You Touch Me: Part 1

Image via Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges’ “Why not Touch Me: Part 1” is a terrible look within a weak relationship.

Leon Bridges has a spic and span collection called Gold–Diggers Sound coming out on July 23rd and to advance the collection, he has been dropping a plenty of new singles that have contained his mark lively, and surly r&b sound. On Friday, Bridges dropped Why Don’t You Touch Me: Part 1 which is a wonderful track that will absolutely get his fans advertised for this pristine undertaking.

The tune is loaded up with beautiful guitar entries and vocal tunes that exhibit the intricacies of Bridges’ voice. Specifically, Bridges talks about a relationship in which his accomplice will presently don’t get physically involved with him, paying little heed to how diligently he attempts. Extensions keeps on putting forth attempts in the relationship yet the absence of response disheartens him, prompting a sad track that will quickly accumulate an enthusiastic reaction.

Section 2 of this melody will drop next Thursday, so make certain to be watching out for that soon.

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