Kojey Radical – 2FS/Woohaa

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Kojey Radical is back with two new singles, “2FS” and “Woohaa.”

In the event that you’ve been looking out for new music from Kojey Radical, you’re in karma today. The UK rapper has gotten back with a one-two punch with the arrival of “2FS” and “Woohaa.” The singles hail enormous creation from The Elements and The Fanatix who convey summer crushes as we gear up fro the arrival of Kojey’s next collection. The two singles are a sample of what he’ll offer on his authority debut collection, however don’t anticipate seeing these two on the tracklist.

“Hard food not inexpensive food,” Kojey said of the singles. “The collection is being ready yet I needed to present something to hold the craving. Eat up – this two are well disposed updates I can rap circles around your top pick as a bite. I’m an issue when I’m ravenous.”

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