Jacquees Feat. Queen Naija – Bed Friend


The track is about those homeboy sweetheart companion situationships.

Closest companions become sweethearts in this smooth R&B offering from Jacquees. Oneself proclaimed “Ruler of R&B” was as of late entangled in an outrage after a video circled showing that the artist and his rapper sweetheart Dreezy were engaged with an actual quarrel with a man while holiday. After the man threw around allegations about the couple, both Jacquees and Dreezy got back to online media to put any misinformation to rest.

With that most recent debate behind him, Jacquees tapped Queen Naija to finish “Bed Friend,” and track that turns a story around two individuals who are strolling the scarce difference of being home slice darling companions. The pair of praised artists warble through their sides of the story on the smooth single around two individuals that “began as dearest companions” yet presently, can’t get enough of each other.

Stream Jacquees’ “Bed Friend” highlighting Queen Naija and let us know what you think session this coordinated effort.

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