Azizi Gibson Feat. AKTHESAVIOR – Genesis

(Azizi Gibson/YouTube)

With the arrival of “Beginning”, Azizi Gibson proceeds with his hot streak.

Azizi Gibson has reliably conveyed new warmth since the start of 2021. Following the drop of his May single “Them?!,” the rapper expects to keep his motorcade of new music moving with the arrival of “Beginning.”

Gibson ponders the condition of race relations and the battle for uniformity in his most recent coordinated effort with AKTHESAVIOR. The subject is obvious, explicitly during the break, when Gibson spits, “How the screw everybody tryna resemble us and never tryin’ to offer in return however? I’m worn out on the poo, give me my motherfuckin’ props.” AKTHESAVIOR develops the subject of police severity in the subsequent refrain, rapping, “Cop is bigoted, still they on it, they prefer not to seein’ n***a ballin’/Matter of reality, even breathin’ fulfill when we ain’t coughin.”

Azizi Gibson’s other prominent hits incorporate, “Barbie,” “Last Minute Trips,” and “Baileys + Bullshit.”

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