2KBABY – Lazy Song Remix

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2KBABY flips an ageless Bruno Mars tune and drops off “Apathetic Song Remix.”

It’s starting to appear as though another hip-bounce pattern is gathering steam, in which darling pop melodies are given a touch of revamping. We’ve recently seen it with the notorious “Who I Smoke,” which added a blood-scattered layer of paint to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.” Now, 2KBABY has come through with another version of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song,” presenting a laid-back and melodic drop for his fans.

“These days n***as inner circle up with any posse,” he sings, acquiring Bruno’s exemplary song. “I simply need to see them all dead/I’m too high can’t get my telephone, this new opp pack smoke excessively solid.” As will in general be the situation on tracks like this, the juxtaposition is actually the driving variable; who doesn’t see the value in a cycle of easygoing brutality over an elevating and honest setting? One needs to contemplate whether we’re taking a gander at the new development coming to fruition right in front of us.

Look at 2KBABY’s “Languid Song Remix” here.


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