Tyler, The Creator Feat. Lil Wayne – HOT WIND BLOWS

Image via Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator, and Lil Wayne make an ideal pair on “HOT WIND BLOWS.”

Tyler, the Creator is quite possibly the most imaginative specialists in the hip-jump world, and on Friday, he came through with his fresh out of the plastic new collection Call Me If You Get Lost. This undertaking was made as a team with DJ Drama and after only one day, the collection is being proclaimed as the best exertion of the year. There are a lot of extraordinary tracks and coordinated efforts to see here, including the melody “HOT WIND BLOWS” which includes the amazing Lil Wayne.

This track includes some inconceivable creation that has vocal examples taking off behind the scenes. Amidst the entirety of this, Tyler radiates his particular clamorous stream that contains braggadocios verses and some moron word play. The whole track emits this special L.A. Noire energy and Wayne’s consideration in the melody carries it to a higher level. Fans are now floating towards this track and it is not difficult to perceive any reason why this is the situation.

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