Mick Jenkins – Truffles

2021 Cinematic Music Group

Mick Jenkins continues to paint pictures like no one but he can on his new single “Truffles.”

At the point when it comes time for the best bars discussion, it’s the ideal opportunity for Mick Jenkins to turn into a backbone – in the event that he hasn’t effectively settled so a lot. The Chicago lyricist is effectively probably the slickest emcee in the game, reliably writing raised material thick with importance and subtle pleasantry. Following the arrival of The Circus in mid 2020, fans have been anxious to perceive what Mick has been chipping away at, and toward the end of last night, he set the stage with another single called “Truffles.”

Over a seething and light instrumental from Renzell and Monte Booker, Jenkins ventures back and notices his environmental elements from a remote place, his analysis as sharp as could be expected. “Youthful ni*ga makin’ twofold that cash you’re burdened on and shippin’ the head,” he spits, at the highest point of his subsequent refrain. “I need persistence ’cause I realize that I’m gon’ get the entire thing, gotta get it in spans/Got the bases stacked, I’m tryna make it a Soul Train line/Right at the home plate, then, at that point I talk crap in the meeting.”

Look at “Truffles” presently, and make certain to watch out for whatever Mick Jenkins has been concocting. In view of this most recent drop, he’s absolutely got a couple of things to get out into the open.

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