Juicy J Feat. Henry AZ – Talking To God

Juicy J

Conversing with the man above.

juicy J as of late dropped off the all-encompassing adaptation of his 2020 undertaking The Hustle Still Continues. The gets a hint of a couple new tunes, one of which is “Conversing with God” highlighting Henry AZ. The instrumental to this one truly slaps. Frequenting pianos reverberation unfavorably on the record while clamorous drums infuse the tune with energy.

Delicious J streams around the drums like the veteran he is, while Henry AZ adds some new energy to the record. AZ likewise adds some humor to the banger. This single is to some degree mesmerizing, possibly it’s the piano example. Whatever it is however, it continues “Conversing with God” from going downhill. The ensemble is amusing to rehash and simple to recall, which are two acceptable characteristics for a snare to have.

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