DJ Kay Slay Feat. The Game – 72 Bar Assassin

DJ Kay Slay

The Game does what he excels at on DJ Kay’s new single “72 Bar Assassin,” name-dropping 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and more in a destructive expressive showcase.

DJ Kay Slay is equipping to convey his impending collection Accolades on Friday, and the Drama King has come through to share another contribution from the undertaking. “72 Bar Assassin” includes in all honesty The Game, who is no more peculiar to shooting expanded salvos of lyricism, however this one runs fundamentally more limited than a portion of its archetypes.

This shouldn’t imply that Game doesn’t show up cocked and locked, in any case. Taking to the cold and hard-hitting creation furiously, Game satisfies hope in a couple of ways: for one, he’s rapping at a world class level, and two, the namedrops show up in spades. “Ruler of New York, King of L.A, and I don’t give a screw what Diddy say, my semi splash,” he raps. What’s more, later: “my n***as air out the club then we Damon Dash, in the very PT Cruiser that n***a Stunna had/puffin’ on an unpolished of gas, just to discuss a Verzuz with 50 disclose to Swizzy I need 100 money.”

In a fascinating turn, Game really addresses his G-Unit roots, adulating Lloyd Banks’ new collection The Course Of The Inevitable and noticing that “it’s as yet the Unit as long as I can in any case move em’.” There’s absolutely parts to unload on “72 Bar Assassin,” so make certain to plunge into Game’s most recent here.

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