Bino Rideaux – Got To Know It


Bino Rideaux conveys a smooth new single with, “Became more acquainted with It.”

The hints of the West Coast are basically consistently ideal for the late spring. Bino Rideaux slid through during the pandemic with the arrival of his major-mark debut, Outside which was very unexpected since most places were on lockdown. As he disclosed to HNHH during a 2020 meeting, “That is the thing that they need at the present time.” Over a year after the fact, and the rapper is as yet applying pressure with each delivery and dropping new music that is ideal for being outside.

The rapper arose with his most recent single, “Became more acquainted with It” on Friday. Driven by a laid-back guitar riff, Bino’s auto-tuned vocals skims with subtleties of extravagant flexes and model ladies getting flown out.

Bino Rideaux’s most recent single was recently included on the Here Comes The Break webcast.

Peep the most recent from Bino beneath.

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