YNW Melly Feat. Queen Naija – Pieces


It’s gotten hard to discern whether YNW Melly is a rapper or stringently singer.

Albeit still imprisoned for homicide accusations, YNW Melly keeps on dropping some great stuff, and it’s obviously he has his expectations up concerning taking that much further through the mid year.

On this new track, he subtleties the absence of correspondence among himself and a past love interest of his (“Haven’t addressed you it’s two or three weeks/I’m simply checkin’ ensuring you’re breathing”) as he floats here and there the snare.

Truth be told, Queen Naija is simply the champion of the tune all to herself. Obviously that it is so difficult to accept that these two even wound up making a melody together, in any case, damn, she truly goes in. She even recommends that her accomplice is in some urgent need of treatment, singing “Swear you got profound established issues, it ain’t sound,” which is madly strong to simply turned out in the center of a contention.

While we trust that his new collection will drop, you can hear the most up to date Melly track beneath, and let us realize which refrain you like more.

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