Toosii – heart cold

South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records

Toosii gets back with another single and video in the wake of being named to the 2021 XXL Freshman rundown.

Syracuse-conceived, North Carolina-raised rapper Toosii is having a colossal year, being named to the 2021 XXL Freshman rundown half a month prior and dispatching his first-historically speaking public feature visit this fall. He’s one of the most grounded youthful faces ascending in the rap game, dazzling the majority with his enthusiastic tunes and his crude narrating. Following the arrival of his breakout project Thank You For Believing, Toosii has gotten back with another single and video called “heart cold.”

Similar as the title recommends, the North Carolina-based rapper addresses all the injury he’s lived, going cold in his heart as a result of all that he’s seen. After as of late unparalleled one billion worldwide streams on his music, plainly individuals are flowing with Toosii. Look at his most recent single beneath and let us know your opinion.



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