Tay Money – Walk

Image via Tay Money

Tay Money’s new melody “Walk” is a banger for the late spring.

Texas craftsman Tay Money has been becoming famous in the course of recent years because of a plenty of high-energy singles that include braggadocios bars and some banging beats. Coming from the South, Tay Money has consistently had a strong ear for creation and she generally takes advantage of whatever instrumental she’s on. With her new single “Walk,” that trademark surely keeps on sounding accurate.

With this exertion, Tay Money can be heard rapping about cash, the men she bends consistently, and simply the general persona she attempts to ooze. The creation has pounding drums and some driving synths that assist Tay Money with passing on her message. By and large, “Walk” is a direct banger for the late spring, and you can look at it underneath.

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