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Cordae is showing something new about charges for Netflix’s “We The People.”

Assessments… they suck, yet we’ve all had the chance to pay them. Such is life. At times, it tends to be quite hard to fold your head over the idea of expenses, yet they’re imperative to keep our urban communities running as they do. Indeed, even the previous President didn’t cover his assessments… so for what reason would it be a good idea for us to? All things considered, rapper Cordae separated the reasons why on his most recent melody “Duties,” which is included in Netflix’s We The People.

The new track, created by Take A Daytrip, sees how expenses turned into a thing, where that cash is spent, and why it’s imperative to the point that everybody pays them on schedule. In case you’re hoping to teach yourself on charges, or you have a younger sibling or sister that could find out about monetary education, show them this new record from Cordae.

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