Lil Wayne – Ain’t That A Bitch “Produced by Mannie Fresh”

Cash Money Records/Universal Music Group

A few things never go downhill yet that doesn’t mean they actually solid new.

Seventeen years prior, the Cash Money banner kid carved his name in hip-jump history. Furthermore, saying this doesn’t imply that he didn’t do as such preceding 2004, on the grounds that Lil Wayne has been around since Reasonable Doubt was scarcely a child. We’re saying as much in a real sense. Tha Carter was an extraordinary venturing stone in his discography at the hour of its delivery.

Becoming famous as a feature of the Hot Boys was essential, yet it’s reasonable who the most veritable ability in there was, not to dishonor Juvenile. Also, we could stay here the entire day talking about how crucial “Go DJ” is to his hitmaking recipe and how “I Miss My Dawgs” grandstands his weak side, however… that’d be a bitch.

The penultimate track in the main portion of Weezy’s eponymous treasury, “Ain’t That A Bitch,” sharpens perhaps the most grounded snare in the symbol’s discography. Spitting like he’s lurking here and there for his last breath, he’s basically yelping: “The cops is watchin’, the roads is talkin’/Ya diggers is untrustworthy, ya family dissatisfied/Ya n***as ain’t faithful, ya n***as ain’t legal advisors”. Joined by Mannie Fresh’s energy that enveloped the surge of Wayne’s initial stuff, there’s truly no leeway in this track.

While eventually dumping Fresh for his after projects, which ended up being the best choice in his profession directed from the second you hit play on Tha Carter II, this was the embodiment of whatever individuals like to call a mark sound. And keeping in mind that its creation is dated, that doesn’t mean this bob can be copied.

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