IDK & Young Thug – PradadaBang


IDK’s collection “USEE4YOURSELF” is scheduled to show up the following week.

We’re getting more music from IDK now that he’s in full collection mode as the arrival of USEE4YOURSELF looms, and for his most recent single, he collaborated with Young Thug. IDK has been taking significant actions in the background with new organizations with both Nike and Harvard. The renowned Ivy League college has connected with IDK for another business college program that purportedly obliges Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

IDK and Blue Rondo are liable for creation on “PradadaBang” with Young Thug, and it’s a track that objectives ladies who are in it for the money, more than affection. The two ping pong to and fro all through as the track makes ready for USEE4YOURSELF’s appearance one week from now.

“Love is something muddled,” IDK recently partook in a post about the record. “It’s significantly more convoluted for an individual of color in a climate that restricts your weakness. I required reality to mend. I’m simply now beginning to see that.” Stream “PradadaBang” and let us know your opinion.

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