Brent Faiyaz Feat. Drake – Wasting Time

Brent Faiyaz

The pair convey a solitary that will rapidly be added to summer hits playlists around the world.

The Neptunes never appear to miss and they positively didn’t wander from their longstanding, excellent standing on “With nothing to do.” This joint effort between Brent Faiyaz and Drake came as an amazement to fans after it was “spilled” on Wednesday (June 30), however its appearance was generally welcomed and with great measure.

While it’s broadly realized that Drake is cautiously finishing his exceptionally expected 6th studio collection Certified Lover Boy, Faiyaz’s “Fooling around” may demonstrate that the R&B singer is planning for a full-length arrival of his own. All through 2021, Faiyaz has conveyed a large number of singles including “Show U Off” and “Eden,” so fans are anticipating news about his forthcoming plans now that outside is open by and by.

In the interim, on “With nothing to do,” you’ll find both Drizzy and Brent pining over the women in their lives, going over the reasons why the objects of their warm gestures ought to go through their free minutes with them as opposed to any other person. Stream Brent Faiyaz and Drake’s “Fooling around” and let us know your opinion.

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