BeatKing Feat. 2 Chainz & Juicy J – SDAB


Pay attention to new club song of praise from Juicy J x 2 Chainz “SDAB.”

Subsequent to collaborating with Erica Banks and Dreamdoll on the remix to “Excessively” a long time prior, DJ Beatking is back with more warmth for the occasion end of the week, this time approaching 2 Chainz and Juicy J for another single called “SDAB.”

Another way to say “Shake Dat Ass Bitch,” “SDAB” is another strip club song of praise that discovers Chainz and Juicy rapping about making it downpour, fashioner packs, and obviously watching the women shaking their butts. It’s an incredible monotonous melody with “shake the ass bitch” being the tune again and again, yet it’ll get the women rolling in the club. Furthermore, Juicy J’s section is quite hard.

Look at the verse video (beneath) and let us know your opinion!

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