Papoose – Zodiac Killah

2021 Honorable Records

Papoose hacks and cuts his direction through the horoscope on “June” feature “Zodiac Killah.”

Papoose as of late dropped off his pristine EP June, which includes a solitary visitor appearance from weighty hitting lyricist RJ Payne. Generally, Pap picks to deal with things all alone, as he does on the lethal feature “Zodiac Killah.” Taking to a realistic instrumental from Jay Swift Da Producer, Pap explores the foreboding strings with determined core interest.

As fans have generally expected from the lyricist, Pap utilizes the chance to get reasonable with it, this time focusing on the horoscope. “I told the Capricorn I’m the genuine goat, he wouldn’t tune in so I cut my razor across his throat,” raps Pap, prior to focusing on Aquarius. “I needed to beat the water-conveyor with his own compartment.”

Another portion in Papoose’s reasonable slaughterhouse, “Zodiac Killah” ought to be fundamental tuning in for any individual who likes seeing Papoose’s imaginative psyche at work. For more where that came from, make certain to give his whole June EP a listen here.


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