Future – WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT (Produced by Zaytoven)


The Atlanta legend dropped “BEASTMODE 2” three years prior today.

Through an endless amount of ventures, we’ve developed to acknowledge there aren’t so much as a modest bunch of things as truly crude as an enthusiastic Future.

Without a doubt, BEASTMODE 2 failed to measure up to its archetype, however what difference does it make? It’s difficult to rival whatever had “Ooooh,” “Lay Up” and “Peacoat” on its tracklist. Not to mention “Genuine Sisters.” But, when you mull over everything, possibly there’s simply no compelling reason to look at the two.

“At the point when I THINK ABOUT IT” is one of the tape’s nine tracks, where he profound jumps into a portion of his most profound uncertainties, just to at long last understand that his life is quite cool and sumptuous and so forth. Consistently, you can hear him mumble, “When I mull over everything, it’s cool…it’s 1,000”. It’s not so much as 100, this person is on 1,000.

Obviously, the snare that follows is the tune’s essence, skimming on the Zaytoven keys effortlessly, rhyming “Got on 1,000,000 dollars in adornments when I mull over everything/Got a greater number of firearms than a psychological oppressor when I mull over everything/All these vehicles, my children inheritin’ when I mull over everything/All this cash I can’t value when I mull over everything.” Being the wonder he is, the person clearly has a ton to keep at the forefront of his thoughts, yet it’s all eustress.

While the limited scale tape offers a couple undeniably more grating tracks, with less space being involved by these fluffy keys for him going off about having stable Internet on a personal luxury plane, this one radiates what made HNDRXX so bewilderingly listenable. Suggestive of a track like “Outside Air,” it’s simply one more illustration of how Future’s issues are extraordinary issues to have, basically when he allows it some doubt.


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