Armoney Rose Feat. The Game – Baddest In The World


Armoney Rose enrolls The Game for “Baddest In The World.”

Detroit’s Armoney Rose hasn’t delivered a collection since 2019’s Armoney Experience. Be that as it may, the new slew of singles he’s delivered have been promising. Back in April, the vocalist released his smooth single, “Baddest In The World” which has kept on making rounds and air pocket up on web based stages and YouTube. He’s keeping the force high with a pristine remix of the record with an extra section from The Game. Rose’s ill humored vocals supplement the barometrical creation while The Game rushes through his refrain specifying the importance of ride-or-kick the bucket love. “You gon’ ride for me, ain’t gotta bite the dust for me/My opps is my opps, don’t sob for me,” he raps on the record.

Peep Armoney Rose’s “Baddest In The World” highlighting The Game beneath and sound off with your musings.

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