Logic – Get Up

2021 Def Jam Recordings

Rationale gets back with another new single, this time taking to a smooth guitar game plan on the elevating “Get Up.”

Subsequent to saying “sike” on retirement, Logic has gotten back to dropping new music at a productive rate. With another collection – his first since the No I.D-delivered No Pressure – Bobby has followed up his “Immunization” single with “Get Up,” a tune that discovers him investigating another melodic heading. However the track title may have indicated a potential club banger, Logic’s most recent is really undeniably more smooth, a stripped-down mix of acoustic instrumentation and unpretentious hip-bounce percussion.

Over a delicate acoustic guitar game plan, Logic clarifies that he has no expectation of remaining down. “I been down however the present moment I’m far up,” he sings. “I’m too up like a layup, I stroll up in Def Jam like fuck ya’ll, settle up.” It’s clear that Logic enjoys discovered inward harmony, generally because of his family and very close friend network. “I can’t try to ponder exactly what my life would’ve been similar to in the event that I ain’t had the homeboys not too far off from the leap,” he considers, shifting gears into a twofold time stream. “Would’ve been a rascal, would’ve been an alcoholic.”

Look at Logic’s new single now, and watch out for more news on his “rebound” collection as it surfaces.


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