Kyle Dion Feat. Ja Rule – Placebo

Image via Kyle Dion

Ja Rule radiates some 2000s flows on Kyle Dion’s new track “Fake treatment.”

Kyle Dion keeps on causing ripple effects in the r&b space and with another collection dropping in August, the craftsman has been putting out certain singles as an approach to get fans energized for what is to come. Indeed, Dion emerged from left field this previous week as he dropped his fresh out of the box new melody called “Fake treatment” which just so ends up including Ja Rule.

By far most of the tune has some west coast sea shore flows as we are met with a snappy section that Dion rides flawlessly. His singing will promptly take you to an euphoric spot before Ja Rule comes in with his unique stream and some mid 2000s hear-able feel. Generally speaking, this is a startling yet dope blending that will have you invigorated for Dion’s new venture.

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