IDK Feat. Westside Gunn, MF DOOM & Jay Electronica – Red

Clue No Clue LLC

IDK joins Westside Gunn, Jay Electronica, and the late MF DOOM for “Red,” a messed up force cut from “USEE4YOURSELF.”

There’s a specific sort of hip-bounce audience who sees a setup of IDK, Jay Electronica, Westside Gunn, and MF DOOM and quickly clicks play. For those audience members, we’ve picked to feature “Red,” a totally stacked group cut from IDK’s new collection USEE4YOURSELF, accessible for your listening delight here.

Over a bizarre and wrong instrumental, Westside Gunn sets it off with an unrelenting stanza; few can so effectively weave the universes of ruthless viciousness and high fashion. IDK labels in straightaway, choosing a melodic stream dubiously sugge the press trouble me/Even however the Devil couldn’t imagine anything better than to Malcolm X me.”

Look at “Red” presently, and sound off on the off chance that you think this one satisfied the expectations of its setup.stive of one of Kanye West’s old top choices. An advanced impact of overdriven 808s enters the blend, making way for two expressive heavyweights to close “Red” out.

The late MF DOOM is following up, and keeping in mind that he just contributes a couple of lines, his gravelly rhythm is absolutely welcome. His post-theme changes into Jay Elec’s last stanza, and the Written Testimony emcee selects to handle a couple of dubious points over an instrumental string circle. “You stay with Dr. Fauci, I’m runnin’ with Dr. Wesley,” he raps. “I’ve never allowed the CDC to come and artfulness me/I never let the phony news from

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