Zo Morese – Moumita’s Moment

Zo Morese

Some great energies, coming your direction.

Zo Morese is hoping to carry some great energies to the country during these difficult occasions. His most recent single “Moumita’s Moment” gives proper respect to Moumita Ahmed, who as of late lost her bid in City Council District 24 essential race. Albeit the misfortune was extreme for her camp, the single actually moves expectation and inspiration.

It’s reviving to hear Zo Morese rap with express language, and the smooth old fashioned instrumental will make you float off and think back about a superior time. The visuals for the task highlight youngsters in New York, quicks shots of city roads, and obviously Zo Morese doing his thing. In case you’re searching for some sure and elevating tunes to knock this mid year, “Moumita’s Moment” is it.

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