Vince Staples – SUNDOWN TOWN


Vince Staples goes on an outing to “Nightfall TOWN.”

Vince Staples and Kenny Beats have joined together, by and by. The Long Beach rapper returned for the current week with the arrival of his self-named collection. It denotes his first task in quite a while since the arrival of 2018’s FM! however, he remained moderately calm except for a couple of deliveries.

Vince’s eponymous collection is suitably a self-representation of his general surroundings. On “Nightfall TOWN,” the rapper gets back to his favorite spots of Long Beach, pondering the frightening truth of gangbanging. Kenny Beats transforms smooth, profound vocals into a distorted, hallucinogenic example that helps set the vibe Vince’s tragic perspective on Long Beach. “I don’t fear no man, just Allah got the advantage/Lost an excessive number of companions, to the down the roads, I can’t imagine,” Vince raps on the record.

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