$UICIDEBOY$ – Materialism As A Means To An End

2021 G59 Records

$UICIDEBOY$ release damnation over a creepy blood and gore movie instrumental on new single “Realism As A Means To An End.”

Today, the team of Ruby and $crim – otherwise called $UICIDEBOY$ – have delivered another single from their forthcoming collection Long Term Effects Of Suffering. With regards to their custom of innovative melody titles, the pair has dropped off “Realism As A Means To An End,” which in itself makes the way for some more extensive translations.

Musically, we’re taking a gander at a couple of key $UICIDEBOY$ staples here. For one, we’re in straight-up blood and gore movie domain, as this one flaunts a creepy instrumental that is by one way or another energetic in all the incorrect manners. Two, it has that evidently rankling impact of hard-hitting percussion we’ve generally expected from the BOY$, who assault their evil creation with the strut we’ve generally expected.

The way things are, they’ve gone three for three to the extent that LTEOS singles are concerned, and when the collection drops on August thirteenth, maybe we’ll be taking a gander at their best one yet.

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