Pouya Feat. Kxllswxtch – Burn

Image via YouTube

Pouya and Kxxlswxtch channel mid-two-thousands non mainstream dance-rock with their new single “Consume.”

Nowadays, rappers are turning out to be progressively unafraid to try different things with various classifications, with the SoundCloud hip-bounce scene being among the most adaptable in such manner. Today, Pouya and Kxllswxtch have associated with discharge “Copy,” a CRONiK-delivered track that discovers them taking a shot at a kind of dance-rock half breed.

Over an uptempo mix of chugging guitars and fresh drums, Pouya and Kxllswxtch set a vibe with a snappy, irresistible tune. However surely not the same as what one would expect, it’s truly all around done, with the two players sounding agreeable over the live course of action. All things considered, this melody would make an interpretation of pleasantly to the stage, particularly with a full band backing the two performers.

Obviously, the individuals who remain relentlessly unbending in their preferences will probably discover no delight here. For the individuals who do partake in a touch of experimentation, be that as it may, give Pouya and Kxllswxtch’s “Consume” a twist

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