leIsaiah Rashad – Slow Motion Freesty

TDE Entertainment

Isaiah Rashad gets ready for “The House Is Burning” by flipping a Juvenile exemplary on “Moderate Motion Freestyle.”

With his impending collection The House Is Burning set to deliver on July 30th, Isaiah Rashad has picked to keep force with the arrival of another free-form. Getting back to back to Juvenile and Soulja Slim’s work of art “Moderate Motion,” Rashad takes to Dani Kartel’s laid-steady rhythm with a physically charged reverence to a couple of ladies he’s gotten to know consistently.

Off the bat, his stream is promptly amazing, secured as the TDE emcee continues to globetrot through a world of fond memories. Following comparable topical region as JAY-Z’s “Young ladies, Girls, Girls” or J.I.D and T.I’s later “Women, Ladies, Ladies,” Rashad’s smooth and up-rhythm stream guarantees that no stone is left unturned. “I got a few diggers down in Miami that I’ll never deceive, they done got me out of jams that I’ll always remember,” he raps. “I got a specialist, a specialist, a dental specialist/a bitch that like brow kisses, not hickeys.”

While it’s probable this subject might have justified a whole track, Isaiah picks to keep it brief with a tone-setting free-form. Make certain to give it a tune in, and return for The House Is Burning when it discharges on July 30th.

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