JMSN – Love 2 U


JMSN offers a 8-minute-long outing with “Adoration 2 U.”

As we conjectured, it seems another period of JMSN has started. The serene craftsman returned in April after a long break with “Drifter,” apparently a secret of new music to come. Simply last week, that demonstrated right with the arrival of a rambling, 8-minute long song named “Love 2 U.”

Today, the craftsman gets back to the total the sound with the visual segment. Which begins as a nearby of JMSN playing the guitar, and a profile of the man himself, before long emits into a chunk of fire and we’re changed into a hallucinogenic scene, where illuminated ladies dance gradually to the music and JMSN is a platinum blond drifting, smoking, and in some cases turning head.

The tune contains a guitar solo after JMSN’s sharp murmuring expands and dies down, and it’s the guitar solo that truly overwhelms and directs the record- – it involves most of it, indeed. JMSN conflicts with the adolescent driven 2-minute-tune standard and that is truly not all around amazing, considering the craftsman’s sound develops yearly- – not simply as in JMSN is getting actually more established (duh), however as in, with each new collection he delivers, he appears to delve further into the famous hints of the past- – making his own vintage image of r’n’b.

Look at this new record and let us know your opinion. More r’n’b on our R&B SEASON playlist here.


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