Fana Hues Feat. Mereba – Desert Flower (Remix)

Sweet Virture / Westminster Recordings

Fana Hues and Mereba associate for a shocking remix of “Desert Flower.”

In December of 2020, Fana Hues dropped off Hues, a ten-track project that put featured the vocalist’s ability and adaptability. Presently, she’s returned to one of the collection’s enthusiastic songs, “Desert Flower,” this time welcoming Mereba ready for a remix. On the off chance that you missed it, Mereba as of late conveyed her very own venture in AZEB, including feature tunes like “Rider” and the nearer “My Moon.” You can look at that EP here.

Presently, the two lyricists have met up for a remix of “Desert Flower,” which generally respects the weak soul of the first. This time, notwithstanding, the course of action includes the expansion of violin, as played by Hella Strings. It’s Mereba’s quality that is the greatest takeaway, notwithstanding, and she grandstands her vocal chops as she conveys an amazing new refrain with regards to the track’s current subjects.

Enthusiasts of Fana Hues would be shrewd to look at this one, as Mereba makes for a welcome expansion to the generally staggering track. We might dare to dream to see these two team up sometime later.

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