2FeetBino – Target

Image via 2FeetBino

“Target” is one more banger that features the full extent of 2FeetBino’s gifts.

Atlanta craftsman 2FeetBino has been knocking some people’s socks off lately and in light of current circumstances. Subsequent to getting a Young Nudy co-sign back in 2018, 2FeetBino has been consistently delivering new music and in 2021, he is required to do huge things. Only a couple weeks prior, he delivered another tune called “Kicked Me Off” and presently, he is following up that track with one more single, called “Target.”

With this track, 2FeetBino raps over some exceptional creation that is loaded with space to breathe for the craftsman to do his thing. From braggadocios verses to intriguing word play, 2FeetBino shows fans why he is a craftsman to look out during the current year, particularly with his new run of deliveries. It’s a pleasant track that lone checks in at 1:46, which implies it’s ideal for a gathering setting or for when you’re driving.

Give this track a tune in, down beneath.

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