Logic – My Way

2021 Def Jam Recordings

Rationale keeps it basic on his certain new single “My Way,” the most recent in a huge number of new deliveries.

Numerous rappers have followed the intelligence of the unbelievable pioneer Frank Sinatra, who broadly pronounced “I did it as I would prefer” and left a mark on the world simultaneously. Today, Logic has made a comparable case, though in an immeasurably unique design from the singer. With his rebound going full speed ahead and playing out each melody in turn, the momentarily resigned craftsman has selected to investigate an unfamiliar melodic area on “My Way.”

Establishing a vibe with an enthusiastic, somewhat autotuned vocal execution, Logic’s most recent may demonstrate a little bubblegum for those wanting to see a few bars. However some portion of what’s making Logic’s new music so invigorating is his finished reluctance to adjust. “I’m on ten, home slice, I’m on ten,” he belts. “Just me and my family and every one of my companions/We gon’ do it as far as possible until the fuckin’ end/I’ma do it as I would prefer, I will not at any point twist.”

Saying this doesn’t imply that he’s lost his rapper’s edge, tossing in a couple of heavyweight flexes just in case. “On the off chance that you got my cash, you do it as you would prefer,” he insults, prior to sliding into his second and last stanza. Look at “My Way” presently, and sound off in case you’ve been partaking this new way from Logic.


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