Logic – Call Me

2021 Def Jam Recordings

Rationale keeps the new singles moving with “Call Me,” a smooth and intelligent new drop.

It’s not difficult to accept that Logic is consistently carrying out another collection, yet going on like this, he’s as of now delivered a modest bunch of potential considerations. Maybe he’s removing a page from his buddy Joyner Lucas’ playbook, deconstructing his new task’s tracklist prior to dropping it off completely. In any case, it’s a productive chance to be a Bobby Tarantino fan, particularly in case you’re put resources into his enthusiastic prosperity.

The family man has never sounded more joyful, and however his new deliveries have an investigated some unusual sonic area, there’s a remarkable feeling of creative liberty that can’t be denied. The equivalent applies to his most recent drop “Call Me,” a smooth look at Logic back in his intelligent pack. “Compulsion resembles a mud shower without a bar of cleanser,” he raps, addressing topics he holds near heart. “All in all, it’s difficult to remain clean/For individuals like us bein’ glad is only a fantasy.”

Look at “Call Me” presently, and sound off in case you’re eager to see another collection from Logic.


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