Lil Tecc – Money On Me

2021 Republic Records

Lil Tecca is moving in mixture on his melodic new single “Cash On Me.”

Lil Tecca originally arose onto the scene with “Payment,” as breakout a hit as one may envision. What he needed expressive intricacy he compensated for in mischievous appeal, relaxed strut, and a sharp brain for irresistible tune. Presently, Tecca has gotten back with another new single “Cash On Me,” picking to adhere to subjects he’s now well acquainted with. Or, in other words, balling at a tenacious speed.

Over an unconventional instrumental, Tecca glides as he sing-raps stories of heaven and the advantages of the extravagant way of life. All things considered, there’s a weak despairing covered up inside the creation, maybe welcoming audience members to look somewhat more profound; underneath the features of abundance, is Lil Tecca really fulfilled – or does the youthful sensation need something else? In any case, he’s rich enough to pen melodies about it, and that is demonstrated to be a fruitful recipe hitherto.

Look at Lil Tecca’s “Cash On Me” presently, and sound off in case you’re eager to see where the rapper goes on his next project.

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