Lupe Fiasco – Steve Jobs

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Lupe Fiasco ups the ante with “Steve Jobs,” a sharp applaud back at Royce Da 5’9″.

Once in a while, solid contest can heighten in a flash – and given that we’re as of now taking a gander at a consolidated thirteen minutes of bars from brand new adversaries Royce Da 5’9″ and Lupe Fiasco, apparently this one is just beginning.

In the wake of ending up at chances over expressive predominance among different components, Lupe tried things out with an Instagram free-form, attacking Nickle all the while. Royce then, at that point chose to take it to the corner, setting the stage with “The Silence Of The Lamba,” a feature reel rap facility intended to make his adversary re-think himself. Obviously, Lupe Fiasco is prepared to block out all interruptions. Presently, the aggressively capable has chosen to coordinate with his rival’s step, however not without first plunging his cutting edge in poison.

Enter “Steve Jobs,” a six-minute retaliatory track that straightforwardly addresses a significant number of the cases made on Royce’s “Lambda.” Off the bat, plainly Lupe is hoping to dismantle his adversary. “I imagine that n***a terrified, he never leave Heaven cause he effectively dead,” spits Lu, over a fiendish synthesizer. “We both wear glasses,” he proceeds. “The thing that matters is I was in school thinking it was cool, you were considering skipping classes/paying attention to your history I can see you were skipping works of art.”

There’s positively more where that came from, as Lupe made a point to raise the stakes on an individual level. “I wish they would have left Biz here, and fuckin took you,” he raps, with a fight rapper’s energy. Give “Steve Jobs” a listen now, and expect to see Royce square up for cycle two sooner than later.

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