IDK – LA Leakers Freestyle

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IDK moves forward to spit a few bars for the LA Leakers, sliding over Brent Fayaiz and Drake’s “Fooling around.”

However IDK can spit bars, having demonstrated as much consistently, the rapper will in general work as a visionary first. At times, the melody essentially doesn’t call for spazzing out, and IDK will focus on anything that will most profit the collection in general. All things considered, the rapper can stand his ground, and today he hit up the LA Leakers (who have been on a lethal tear nowadays) to give a token of how he gets down behind the mic.

Over Brent Faiyaz and Drake’s “Fooling around,” IDK burns through brief period in getting a step. “Take a gander at my past, and take a gander at all individuals that I passed,” he starts. “Thinking back about days they used to giggle/nowadays I hit 105 and do the scramble/on mishap, didn’t have a clue about this vehicle was that quick/my greatest dread is arriving at my cutoff points to proceed to crash/that is allegorically, who’s the best new rapper, I calculated it’s me.”

He continues to present a convincing defense, carrying an unpretentious force to the laid-back instrumental as he strings together a steady stanza. Look at it for yourself, and on the off chance that you like what you hear, show IDK some affection by looking at his new collection USEE4YOURSELF here.


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