YK Osiris – Leave Me On Read

2020 Def Jam Recordings

YK Osiris steps away from the backyard boxing ring and puts on his love mittens for “Leave Me On Read.”

Is YK Osiris’ most recent melody title alluding to his darlings, his potential boxing adversaries, or both? Regardless, the man needs replies. For hell’s sake, he’ll agree to some organization. All things considered, oneself pronounced lord of r&b comprehends that his is the space of the helpless. One should have no apprehensions with spreading their heart out on the line, regardless of whether it implies gambling with everything. Osiris, no outsider to the adventure of battle, comprehends this better than most. Today he demonstrates as much with his pristine single “Leave Me On Read.”

The actual track showcases his noteworthy vocals, with Osiris getting back to back to a more straightforward time; if not for the weighty utilization of cell phone innovation, we could have been tricked into thinking it was the early thousand years. It’s a demonstration of Osiris’ commitment to leading, despite the fact that his sprouting vocation as a terrace fighter would send him flying down an alternate direction with the speed of a lively hit. For the time being, nonetheless, let us appreciate what he offers of real value as an artist. Also for hell’s sake, someone answer this man’s messages.

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