Ruel Feat. Denzel Curry – Painkiller

RCA 2020

Australian vocalist Ruel slides through with Denzel Curry for a remix to pop-accommodating “Pain reliever.”

Last year, Australian vocalist Ruel arose onto the scene with his breakout single “Bewildered And Confused,” and fans rushed to take to his melodic energy. Today, he did his part in extending the hybrid exertion with a remix to “Pain reliever,” tapping Denzel Curry to hold it down for some visitor vocals. Off the bat, it’s apparent that this isn’t Denzel’s usual range of familiarity – – this isn’t to imply that he can’t adjust, however we’re talking all out pop rap an area for the Carol City lyricist.

Fortunately, he’s more than capable, bouncing onto the beat with a skillful opening plan. “The aggravation kills with no delay, and my cerebrum feels with no portrayal,” he raps, his conveyance marginally melodic. “Got a similar safeguard to hinder all the disdain, got similar chills when them musings are dashing.” Even as the beat detonates in exhibition around him, Zeltron keeps himself grounded, evidence that his adaptability may be one of his more overlooked advantages. Look at it for yourself beneath, and keeping in mind that it probably won’t be the exemplary Curry you’re utilized to, it’s actually cool to see him having a go at a novel, new thing.

The aggravation kills with no faltering, and my mind feels with no portrayal
Got a similar safeguard to obstruct all the scorn
Got similar chills when them considerations are racing

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