Majid Jordan – Waves Of Blue


The couple drops their first single from their approaching undertaking.

We haven’t gotten another collection from OVO Sound’s Majid Jordan since 2017’s The Space Between, so it’s normal that fans are excessively eager to hear that the team have a third studio collection underway. To formally send off their rollout season, Majid Jordan returned on Friday (April 9) with their new single “Floods of Blue.”

“‘Rushes of Blue’ is like gazing at the sea. You’re not in the water, but rather you’re actually getting snatched up by its flows. It’s the narrative of somebody’s longing to cherish and be lost in that adoration,” the Canadian team partook in a public statement. “‘Rushes of Blue’ was made at the absolute starting point of this collection, and it just appears to be legit that we start our next section with this melody.”

Stream “Influxes of Blue” and let us know as to whether you’re eager to hear more from Majid Jordan.

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