Quelly Woo – Jealousy

Quelly Woo

Jealous ones actually envy.

Quelly Woo is refocusing on his new undertaking Tactical Pressure. The drill scene gets another thrilling venture, and Woo appears as though he’s prepared to take off. On his single “Desire,” the youthful rapper vents about trust levels and jealousy in his current circumstance.

The idea of desirously in hip-bounce is the same old thing. Obviously, clout pursuing and the web has changed things throughout the long term, nonetheless, envy has forever been an issue. Quelly Woo gives his interpretation of the subject, over an extraordinary instrumental. As epic ensemble lays the background for the thumping drill beat, giving it an unpleasant energy. Stream “Desirously” and Tactical Pressure, and let us in on what you think underneath.

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