Renni Rucci – BeatBox Freestyle


Renni Rucci goes in on Mulatto with her own remix of SpottemGottem’s “BeatBox.”

The Junebug Challenge has assumed control over the world with famous people like Kevin Hart and Saweetie conveying their own interpretations of the TikTok pattern. Nonetheless, the melody has additionally framed an unmistakable overflow of energy, impelling SpottemGottem into the spotlight. The hit record’s gotten a couple remixes to date. DaBaby bounced on the remix, Pooh Shiesty showed up on the continuation, and Mulatto as of late placed her twist on the record which apparently targeted a couple of female rappers, including Renni Rucci.

The “Hands On Your Knees” rapper terminated back with her own remix of the record. It’s a short contribution that runs a little under 2 minutes yet Renni took it to the stall where she announced herself “THE BIGGEST.” Even however she didn’t specify any names, the subconscious references were to the point of getting on. “You talk poop on the rest however bitch we as a whole know who the greatest is/I been countin’ Benjamins, seem as though I hit the lotto/Bitch, you know exactly what the business is, I truly hit the Latto,” she raps.

That bar was in a reaction to Mulatto rapping, “I’m the greatest. Ain’t nothing enormous about you all h*es! So if the b*tch name ain’t Latto, don’t place ‘Large’ before it. Straight up.”

Check out Renni’s take on SpottemGottem’s record below.

Quotable Lyrics
God damn, Alyssa, you look like Renni in all your pictures
How you take a bitch whole style then turn around and try to diss her?
Told Raffi ice me out, Big Renni pendant like a blizzard
When he asked you what you wanted know you showed him all my pictures

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