Bankroll Freddie Feat. Young Dolph – Rich Off Grass Remix

Bankroll Freddie enrolls Young Dolph to hold it down for the remix of “Rich Off Grass,” which grounds total with new visuals.

Arkansas’ own Bankroll Freddie has authoritatively returned to his new From Trap to Rap single “Rich Off Grass,” coming through with a Young Dolph helped Remix. And keeping in mind that Freddie doesn’t pick to convey any new stanzas for the event, the expansion of Dolph is to the point of pervading this rendition with a very sizable amount of character.

“A fortune off them packs got rich off that gas,” raps Dolph, his baritone vocals ordering a tyrannical presence. “From wealth to clothes, when they pull up to the spot they bring they entire reserve/she acquaint me with the attachment, I purchased that cultivator a Jag/to hell with that, I don’t want to discuss the past.” Though he doesn’t spit such a large number of bars, Dolph keeps close by to the point of causing the remix to feel particular – – particularly when combined with some new visuals to coordinate. Look at “Rich Off Grass Remix” presently, and watch out for his forthcoming collection Big Bank, set to show up on April second.

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