Beanz – Waves


Beanz tackles P-Lo production on her latest offering, “Waves.”

Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow is demonstrating to have really delivered a couple of stars beside the champ, D-Smoke. We’ve seen a couple of craftsmen utilize the sparkle that they get to use their own vocations and it has all the earmarks of being functioning admirably. Beanz has been getting out and about recently as fans, displaying her proclivity for conveying bars while offering profoundly appealing music. Her consistency and resourcefulness is demonstrating that she’s well on her way for a major year ahead.

This week, she slid through with another displaying of bars mother lode with her “Waves” free-form video. Tapping P-Lo for the laid-back California creation, Beanz considers coming up in the game to at long last seeing her fantasies happen as expected.

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