The Yutes Feat. Stove God Cooks – In The Kitchen

2021 BabyGrande Records

Babygrande signees The Yutes and Stove God Cooks join forces for the up-tempo collaboration “In The Kitchen.”

However far-fetched partners on paper, The Yutes and Stove God Cooks have formally connected up for their first two part harmony as labelmates, “In The Kitchen.” It’s nevertheless one more illustration of the Jamaican siblings’ spreading reach in the rap game, as Chris and Santris have effectively shaken things up through their mixing of hip-jump and dancehall.

On this most recent drop, the track works intently in their own sweet spot, somewhat more uptempo than the smudged creation Stove God will in general lean toward. In any case, the Babygrande endorsers take care of the instrumental, with each party contributing a refrain each and consistently assembling science simultaneously. And keeping in mind that complex distinctions do exist, The Yutes and Stove God Cooks settle on something worth agreeing on via the culinary expressions, or at least, assuming you’re finding out a deeper meaning. Would it be a good idea for you have either follow up on your radar, you can absolutely do a great deal more terrible than “In The Kitchen” – – look at the new record at the present time, and sound off beneath.

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