G-Eazy Feat. Kiana Ledé – A Little More

2021 RCA

G-Eazy gets on bended knee and channels big Valentine’s Day energy with new single “A Little More.”

G-Eazy has been known to spit a couple of bars every so often, as well as pen a depravity Bay Area banger should what is happening emerge. However now and then, and at an undeniably successive speed, he has embraced dialing it back with a tune for the women. Today he has done precisely that, directing a tad of early thousand years delicate rap energy for the Kiana Ledé-helped “A Little More.”

Diverting some genuine LL Cool J energy, or Busta Rhymes around “I Know What You Want,” he takes to the personal instrumental to spit some game. “You’re prettiest on earth and I got wonderful vision,” raps Gerald, pulling indiscriminately from his book of conversation starters. “You’re all that I really want, my psyche is never switchin’/I slide in from the back, that is your favored position.” Brilliantly conveying this one on schedule for Valentine’s Day weekend, obviously G-Eazy will everlastingly stay a sad heartfelt – – at any rate, as far as he could tell. Look at “A Little More” presently, and sound off on the off chance that you’ve been feeling the loss of this style of hip-bounce love melody.

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