Slim Thug – #BlackQueen

2021 Hogg Life

Slim Thug gets in his romantic bag on new single “#BlackQueen,” the latest drop from the Houston, Texas emcee.

Last year, Slim Thug tried positive for Coronavirus, igniting an influx of help and appreciation for the rapper. Presently, Thug has skiped back and conveyed some new music, picking to push ahead with a positive message on “#BlackQueen.” In the initial minutes, Thug uncovers his goals over an uptempo soul test – – from its sound, the Houston rapper is effectively looking for a soul mate, placing his heart on the line all the while.

Try not to get it wound, in any case – – Slim Thug has in no way, shape or form mellowed, holding similar rough stream and strut fans have generally expected. “Come ride with the mack, managers don’t move in packs,” he spits. “She got me covered, when I slip she the hold/cold skipper of the boat, when I slide through and trickle.” Though not every person will see the value in Thug getting into his heartfelt sack, it’s actually reviving to see him coming through with some new music, particularly when there’s a persuasive message at the middle. Look at “#BlackQueen” presently, and show some adoration to Slim Thug in the remarks beneath.

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