Ghostface Killah – Mighty Healthy

2000 Razor Sharp Records

Happy birthday to Ghostface Killah’s GOAT-tier “Supreme Clientele,” an album that gave us “Mighty Healthy” among many other classic cuts.

However realistic introduction tests are every now and again utilized, particularly in the Wu-Tang Clan standard, only sometimes are they utilized as hauntingly as on “Strong Healthy.” Drawn from 1979 hand to hand fighting flick Shaolin Rescuers, the initial trade illustrates Ghostface Killah’s ruthlessness. “I’ve heard heaps of individuals say once a man’s an executioner, they simply continue to kill and killing, they kind of foster a preference for blood,” it starts, the dread in their rhythm tangible. “They kill one man, or kill ten, it’s no different either way – – all things considered, they can hang you once.”

The moment the Mathematics-delivered beat drops, a dusty mix of blood and gore movie tolls and blast bap percussion, Ghostface draws his blade. “Two hands clusty, chillin’ with my man Rusty,” he spits, a famous opening line. “Abominable, brushed off the burner, somewhat dusty/The world can’t contact Ghost, Purple Tape, Rae co-have.” It’s nevertheless one of numerous fantastic tracks originating from Ghostface’s sophomore collection Supreme Clientele, an undertaking that commends today twenty-first birthday celebration. Generally respected among the best collections ever – – and which is all well and good – – a show-stopper in both lyricism and creation from a couple of hip-jump visionaries.

Return to “Powerful Healthy” – – and Supreme Clientele completely, in the meantime – – and sound off with your remarks on the ageless exemplary underneath.

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