Robin Thicke – Lucky Star

Robin Thicke

Actor Alan Thicke passed away in 2016 and music executive Andre Harrell died last year.

Tis the season for another Robin Thicke collection. The cultivated vocalist has been gradually carrying out his approaching collection On Earth, And in Heaven and the undertaking is scheduled to show up next Friday (February 12). Today (February 5), adding to buzz, Thicke shared his most recent single from the record named “Fortunate Star.” We recently gave an account of his last contribution “Take Me Higher,” a solitary where the vocalist rejoined with his long-term associate, Pharrell Williams. On “Fortunate Star,” Thicke strips down for a personal, tenderly performed song that he commits to two individuals who were instrumental in his life.

“This is the last tune I composed for the collection and it’s likewise the primary track on the collection,” Thicke tweeted. “When we had this melody I realized the collection was finished. You realize that feeling you have when you’re isolated however you know that you’re in good company. That is what’s going on with ‘Fortunate Star. That presence in your life that holds you tight, gives you trust, and lights the way. My dad and Andre Harrell are my Lucky Stars.”

Stream “Fortunate Star” and let us in on your thought process.

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