Curren$y – Misty

2021 Jet Life Recordings

Curren$y Spitta does what he does best on his slick new single “Misty,” a slow cruise fueled by women, weed, and weather.

Curren$y is one of those emcees who just makes everything look generally easy, from kicking smooth stream plans and certain flexes to pulling ladies that could probably moonlight as models were they so slanted. At any rate, that is the way of life he depicts in his music, one wherein each want is basically a couple of puffs of the joint away. The energy is going full bore on his new single “Hazy,” a sluggish voyage that includes a motivated presentation from our hero, who starts the story in a zenlike state.

“Over by my LA lady, she got the gas, intriguing turkey sacks,” he raps, taking to the sun-washed instrumental with a veteran’s strut. “She fuck with me because I dress great and I make her snicker/She ain’t realize how great she had it until I crushed.” Though his potential love revenue continues to pursue him down with hearty goals, Curren$y likes to carry on with life at his own speed, attracted simply by the cash. “Have to be about them Benji’s, just millie merits my energy/While my brother looks out for the adversaries.”

No one very does it like Curren$y Spitta – – the confirmation is here.

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